Student Testimonials and Comments

The following quotes are from students who have been assessed at one of our many DSA Centres. We have changed the names of students and their places of study to protect their identity. Use the form on our website to book your DSA Needs Assessment.

Silhouette of man"My assessor was really helpful and suggested a range of support options I was completely unaware of. It's really helped with some of my anxieties about keeping up with my studies."

- Mohammed, University of Brighton


Case study: Mind-mapping software helps Jack who has dyslexia

Having asked for help with his dyslexia when he started his course at Bristol University, Jack received a Needs Assessment from AbilityNet. He is now using mind-mapping software to help get his ideas down in an organised way.

Read more about how we helped Jack

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"Discussing (or being assessed) on a disability is a traumatic experience, but the assessor made the whole session far from my usual experience in a very positive way. She was able to alter her line of discussion based on how the conversation was going, which I felt made for a very productive session... I felt that the approach led to a good understanding of my condition and the impact it has on me. As a result, I do not feel the assessment could have been conducted any better than it was."

- Sara, University of London


Silhouette of man"The assessor was very nice and did her job thoroughly and efficiently. The atmosphere of the office was very warm and welcoming and I had a fantastic, informative time where I felt that my needs were met and more."

- Tom, Croydon College


Silhouette of woman"My assessor was welcoming, friendly and understanding... I am delighted that Kent University's wellbeing team highly recommended AbilityNet, and I got many polite and informative phonecalls from them ahead of the meeting to keep me informed about the pre-evaluation form, time, etc. AbilityNet's team and procedure are faultless, and I feel indebted to the wonderful service they have provided."

- Megan, University of Kent


Silhouette of woman"I was really impressed with the level of expertise and understanding shown by the assessor. I was made to feel comfortable and understood. I finally felt help was at hand and I no longer had to struggle alone."

- Kirsty, University of Derby


Case study: Maddie and James get transformational tech support

Hear from Maddie who has anxiety and James who has dyslexia. Both have gained so much more from their university experience since having a Needs Assessment and receiving the recommended support.

Learn more about how we helped Maddie and James

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"My assessor made me feel very comfortable and made it easy for me to explain my disability and what difficulties I have in regards to my studies. I feel much more relaxed and positive now about my studies, as I know what help has been recommended for me and I know this is going to make a huge difference."

- Nathan, London Metropolitan University


Silhouette of woman"I felt the assessment was thorough and the assessor made me feel very comfortable. She fully understood my difficulties and showed great enthusiasm in demonstrating the equipment, The assessor explained the process and she gave me suggestions on websites to support my course. After the assessment, I felt positive and confident to succeed with my studies."

- Lynn, George Williams College


Silhouette of man"Great work! Made me feel relax and understood my needs, great man and would definitely recommend others to choose Billy as an assessor. This is the support I have needed for so long. Big thank you to the AbilityNet team."

Paul, University of Manchester


Silhouette of woman"I am thoroughly impressed with AbilityNet, from initial enquiry to arrival of my equipment, they were fast, accurate and thorough. My assessor put me at ease straight away - her experience of working with adults and children with vision impairments meant that unlike most people, she understood my condition straight away and knew almost in advance what I would benefit from. She was very quick to respond to all of my many queries. I brought my sister to the assessment with me, she is a medical professional, and she too was very impressed. My assessor made sure I was comfortable and made me a cup of tea upon arrival. She was sensitive to my needs and the questions that she was required to ask throughout."

- Anna, Keele University


Silhouette of man"I have qualified as an adult nurse now, just awaiting my registration pin coming through. Thank you incredibly for the support I received, I may not have got as far as I did without it. I can now think about my future in studying further with the confidence and new skills I have developed to help me learn!"

- Dave, University of Birmingham


"I wanted to just send a quick message to say thank you so much for the quick, professional and thoroughly human service you have provided throughout my assessment. You’Silhouette of womanve made an intimidating and potentially draining experience a completely positive one that has given me huge confidence in starting my studies in September. I particularly wanted to flag up how helpful Zach at HQ and Pauline my assessor at Brighton were - both went above and beyond to guide me through the process and make sure my assessment was the best possible reflection of my needs. I really appreciate all their work - they are a real credit to your team. I was recommended to AbilityNet by a colleague and will be recommending you to any students I encounter as you have far exceeded my expectation of what the DSA assessment process could be. Thank you so much."

- Joanna, University of Brighton

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