• Claudia.Cahalane | 12 Sep 2019
    Claudia Cahalane interivews three women with different experiences of joint pain and arthritis. One talks about their experience of working with arthritis, another about adapting the home for living with arthritis. We also spoke to a woman who developed joint pains at the time of the menopause. In...
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 19 Aug 2019
    As new web and mobile accessibility regulations come in, the University of Kent and Kent County Council are working together on accessibility and creating their legal web accessibility statement. Here they give their advice and tips.
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 15 Jul 2019
    The four finalist of the first ever Inclusive Design category in this year’s AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards have accessibility very high on their agenda. From designing smart products, to overhauling the accessibility of university courses, these are the leading lights in accessibility.
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 11 Jul 2019
    This year's AbilityNet Tech4Good finalists have a focus on making creativity more accessible to disabled people. The four finalists include the makers of the Control One, which enables people with severe physical disabilities to create and produce entire songs from start to finish.
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 20 Jun 2019
    On Thursday 27 June at 1pm, AbilityNet’s experts will be offering a free webinar for companies, charities, public sector bodies and anyone else who is interested in making their website more accessible. And offering information on what to include in your site's Accessibility Help page to ensure you...
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 18 Jun 2019
    AbilityNet look at some of the technology options that universities can use to make their materials and courses more accessible to disabled students, from lecture capture to My Study My Way
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 11 Jun 2019
    There are often barriers to using technology for older or disabled people. But with just a bit of advice and time, technology, and the world, can become more accessible.Every week, AbilityNet and RNIB send skilled and talented volunteers out in to the community to advise and support disabled or...
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 15 May 2019
    How is the world becoming more digitally inclusive and where does digital access need to improve? Find out what AbilityNet is doing to share knowledge on Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2019.
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 08 May 2019
    The WebAIM analysis of the accessibility of the top one million home pages indicates that less than 1% of website home pages are likely to meet standard accessibility requirements. The US charity WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind) offers some disappointing figures for those who care about making...
  • Claudia.Cahalane | 17 Apr 2019
    Writers and content editors want their work to be useful to readers. Equally, organisations want their content to be read and understood by as many people as possible.To make content useful and readable, it has to be easily understood by a large number of people, including those with disabilities....