AbilityNet shows how computers and tech can excel for physically disabled people

At least 53% of working age adults with an impairment or disability experience barriers to work, compared to 30% of the general population. But many don't realise that some simple support with technology can completely change things.

“Our job is to help people with such impairments overcome those barriers,” says Joanne Beacham, the former service delivery manager for AbilityNet. 

"Ergonomic equipment is probably one of the most important things we recommend for people with physical disabilities as well as dictation software. We get that 'wow' factor when we show someone something that will completely change things for them," she explains.


In particular, Joanne recommends Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation software, which you can find here. "So, if someone has lower back pain and they can't sit for long periods at the computer, you can give them a wireless headset and Dragon gives them the freedom to move around while they dictate text or command and control what they want the computer to do."

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For more info or to have an assessor visit you, check out www.abilitynet.org.uk/workplace.