Four ways My Study My Way can help you at university

My Study My Way is a website that helps you get the best experience at university.

It focuses on the different key areas of your university life, and helps you identify what areas you may be struggling with. Depending on the answers you provide, the site generates a personalised report for students to reference and share with support staff if they wish.

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Our guest blogger, University of Warwick student Rachael Tinde took a look at the site to review what it offers to her and fellow students. As we countdown to the start of term in September, Rachael shares her top tips for how the site can benefit students before and during their university life. 

1. It can help you identify areas you’re anxious about or need support with

My Study My Way asks you to complete fields on a variety of topics, asking you questions about yourself, your study skills, study space, social life, communication and technology. Sign up is quick and easy, not too many questions, and visually it is easy to understand. 

With the answers you provide, My Study My Way creates a personalised action plan for you that provides you with information to help you, for example with your study habits, or advice about free or low cost gadgets that can help you. It also provides different resources and support services to ensure the maximum is being taken from your university experience. 

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Mental health

For example, there is a long list of support services for mental health. It clarifies what these services are and how they can help you in your student life. Some of the guidance the site suggests:

Technology and screen adjustments

You may need to make changes to your devices to help with your studies. For example, advice on screen adjustments includes:

  • Check out the information in this link: My Computer My Way - Changing colours on your device
  • Be aware that some security settings on shared computers may restrict your ability to make changes - discuss your need with your course team or IT support
  • Programs such as Word or Google Docs will allow you to set a background colour on any documents you create or edit
  • The major web browsers have screen tinting or 'reading mode' options or have free 'extensions' that allow you to tint the screen 
  • Use physical monitor overlays to alter the screen quickly without needing access to settings

Although contrast or visability adjustments are available on most devices, sometimes these are limited to the more common options, so you may not be able to achieve the correct combination on every device you use.

Managing my workload

If you struggle to organise my workload My Study My Way gives advice that can help you.

  • You can talk to your personal tutor or course team about the difficulty that you are having
  • Many universities run additional study skills classes or drop-in sessions
  • Consider looking into the many free or low-cost apps that can help with organising your time (see our guide to selecting apps)

What should I do if I suffer from social anxiety?

My Study My Way also gives you information to help if you have social anxiety. The steps are very clear and useful:

  • You should consider whether letting people know about how you are feeling will help you to be less self-conscious
  • Speak with Student Services to see if there are classes or groups available to help reduce the levels of social anxiety you are feeling, as you may be able to pick up certain techniques which can help you considerably.
  • In many places there are local support groups that can be a sense of comfort and help to you.
  • There are a number of very good anxiety management apps available via App stores.

The tone of writing on My Study My Way is sensible and understanding, and it really does provide practical ways for people to reduce their anxiety in certain situatons. 

2. It can provide local support information

Depending on where you are at university and if your institution has a tailored version of the site, My Study My Way can provide localised information about local support, and counselling services for your university, along with many other helpful insights into what university life can be like. For example, get advice about finding a part-time job in your area.

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3: It can provide you with a report to refer back to if you find you’re in need

Once you've completed the fields and answered the questions you are shown a summary page and directed to see your ‘full report’ option. You can also be sent your full report by email. You can choose to share your whole report or just selected sections of it with your university support staff if you wish, so that they can help you get the support you might need.

There are many things that can impact even the most organised students. The most important thing is to be aware of any personal challenges and take positive action to find some strategies that work for you. 

4. It can help you raise concerns with people at university who can support you

The report arms you with information that you can share with support staff for your university and your lecturers, so they can provide the individual support and understanding you might need. 

My Study My Way is designed to allow you to decide who gets to see the information you have provided. No person will be informed of your disclosure unless you decide that you want them to be. However, people may be only able to help you to the best ability if they know about the issues you have.

Find out more about My Study My Way in this short video:


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