Free self-help support for students with My Study My Way

The statistics about the number of students not getting the support they are eligible for at university make grim reading. That's why AbilityNet is pleased to announce My Study My Way lite - a free online tool that enables students to get the most out of their university experience.

My Study My Way logoThis is an on-demand version of My Study My Way, which is being adopted by higher education institutions to help students find the support services they need.

Keep reading to learn about the 'lite' and licensed options of My Study My Way - and help us help disabled students by sharing details of the tool with the students and colleagues at education institutions.

Introducing the 'lite' version of My Study My Way

Individual students can now access My Study My Way to get the support they need to succeed at university. My Study My Way helps by automating needs identification and allowing students to access self-help, encouraging them to be an active participant in getting the most from their university experience.

How it works

  1. The student answers a few simple questions about their circumstances
  2. A personalised report, full of guidance and tools, is created from the responses
  3. The student can choose to send their report with relevant departments at their institution to support a discussion about their needs

Create a free My Study My Way account now.

The licensed version of My Study My Way for universities

Institutions have a range of diverse learners and encouraging diversity, timely needs identification and improving the speed at which support is implemented can have a huge impact on the student experience as a whole. Universities can license My Study My Way to customise the advice and signposting to specific support available at their institution, and access holistic information about their student body that will inform inclusivity strategy and policy - helping them to go beyond a position of compliance to one of best practice.

Could you be doing more to make the student experience more inclusive for everyone, including those with health conditions and impairments? My Study My Way can help you to create an inclusive education environment that is equally accessible to all.

Find out more about licensing My Study My Way.

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