How to make your documents and content accessible - New Document Remediation Service

In most settings it's mandatory to meet the required standards of accessibility for documents and we understand the biggest challenge you might face is the sheer volume of files created back when accessibility considerations were less of a priority.

It can seem a daunting task, but we can help with the heavy lifting - offering a new Document Remediation service for various file types including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, ePub, DAISY, as well as various photo and media file formats.

Are the documents you share accessible to all users?

Many organisations have vast estates of documents that hold current value for users but were created without consideration for those with diverse access needs. For many education providers, public sector organisations and other highly regulated organisations this poses a significant challenge.

It's a good question to ask yourself - 'Is the document I'm about to share accessible to all users?'

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With our document remediation service we take your existing documents and complete checks on the content and make adjustments to ensure they meet the required standards of accessibility, and are appropriate for everyone including disabled people and those who use assistive technology.

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About Document Remediation

Document Remediation involves taking your existing documents and ensuring that they meet the required standards of accessibility. Consider a screen reader user who has the content of a document read aloud to them, or someone with hearing loss who would need audio information communicated to them in a different way. We can help you ensure your documents are accessible to all users.

The types of checks we make include ensuring you have an appropriate heading structure, textual image descriptions, correctly tagged lists and tables with IDs, decorative images marked as artefacts, ensuring sufficient colour contrast and much more.

We offer Document Remediation services for a range of file types detailed earlier. The content we are checking ranges from complex STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) content and detailed tables to annual company reports. We are able to check and make adjustments to ensure scanned PDFs, forms and static pages are accessible.

Using our Document Remediation service

An icon of a document with a pencil below itIn most settings it is mandatory for an organisation to ensure the accessibility of the content in the documents it shares. If you have a vast estate of documents the task can seem insurmountable which is where we are able to support.

We are different to other Document Remediation service providers in that we can work in multiple languages and use diverse user testers to ensure your documents are accessible to disabled people and those with diverse access needs. All documents are checked by screen reader users.

Our testing complies with the techniques developed for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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Accessible content first time, every time

You will find more information about Document Remediation on our website along with details of our full range of digital accessibility products and services.

Along with offering Document Remediation we're also keen to help your organisation 'shift left' and so April through June 2020 we will host events and publish content offering advice on creating accessible content first time, every time.

We plan to host a free-to-attend webinar, training, and publish content offering top tips, best practice advice and much more - so make sure you’re on our mailing list.

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