Looking to secure a place at university this results day? We’re here to help

Around this time every year there are thousands of people using Clearing to secure their university place, so you are not alone. Clearing is a way for universities to fill any spaces they have left for the new academic year and gives those who do not hold an offer an opportunity to find a university place. The important thing to remember is that universities all over the country are currently focusing on one main thing: attracting new students just like you.

Do You know how in demand you could be?

UCAS stats show university application numbers have fallen again this year which means many institutions could have more spaces to fill, which is great news for students. You can take a look at your course options ahead of the rush at compare the course.

A student wearing mortar with a certificate, a phone and laptop

Didn't quite get the results you want?

If you’ve received your A-level results, didn’t do as well as you wanted, but still want to go to university -have no fear! Universities are waiting to speak to you so make sure you do your research as understanding the Clearing process can largely increase your chances of getting an offer that is perfect for you. Below we’ve listed some places for help and guidance.

Where can you go for help?

UCAS have some brilliant resources and information available including how Clearing works, a search tool to see what courses are available and details of how to add a Clearing choice in Track.

The complete university guide also has some great answers to frequently asked questions including queries about deferred entry, what to do if you can’t get through to the Clearing hotline and organising your accommodation and student loans. Take a look at their FAQ section.

Looking for extra additional help?

Once a university place has been accepted through Clearing it’s important to find out if you could be eligible for extra help. AbilityNet HE support checker is a free tool which can direct you towards extra support that may be available to you during your studies.Each user is entirely anonymous, it doesn’t use any personal information and it’s free!

Who might this help?

Previous eligible students have had a wide range of conditions and impairments including ADHD, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, a hearing or sight impairment and many others.

AbilityNet is a UK charity, we help people of any ages and abilities to use technology to achieve their goals at home, at work and in education. We do this by providing specialist advice services, free information resources and by helping to build a more accessible digital world. You can find out more about our services online or contact us with your query using our freephone number: 0800 269 545 or email us: enquiries@abilitynet.org.uk.